Kelsey Wells PWR Program: A Strength Training Workout Plan for Women

Empowering Women to Lift Weights and Feel Strong with Kelsey Wells PWR Program.
Kelsey Wells Workout Plan

Kelsey Wells is a fitness model, personal trainer, and social media influencer who has inspired women all over the world to embrace their strength and pursue their fitness goals with confidence and determination. Her PWR (Power) program is a popular workout plan that focuses on building strength and muscle tone through resistance training.

Overview of PWR Program

The PWR program is a 12-week workout plan that includes four resistance training workouts per week, with optional cardio and recovery sessions. The program is designed to be adaptable to all fitness levels, with modifications and progressions available for each exercise.

The workouts in the PWR program utilize a variety of resistance training equipment, including dumbbells, barbells, resistance bands, and machines. The program includes a mix of compound and isolation exercises, with a focus on building strength in the major muscle groups.

Each workout in the PWR program includes a warm-up, a series of strength exercises, and a cool-down. The workouts are designed to be challenging but achievable, with a focus on proper form and technique.

PWR Program Phases

The PWR program is divided into three phases, each lasting four weeks. Each phase includes new exercises and progressions to challenge and build upon the strength gained in the previous phase.

Phase 1: Build

The first phase of the PWR program focuses on building a foundation of strength and muscle tone. The workouts in this phase include exercises such as squats, lunges, and push-ups, with a focus on proper form and technique.

Phase 2: Sweat

The second phase of the PWR program adds more intensity and challenges to the workouts. The exercises in this phase include more complex movements and compound exercises, such as deadlifts and pull-ups.

Phase 3: Sculpt

The final phase of the PWR program is designed to sculpt and define the muscles. The workouts in this phase include more isolation exercises and higher reps, with a focus on building muscle endurance and definition.

Optional Cardio and Recovery Sessions

In addition to the resistance training workouts, the PWR program includes optional cardio and recovery sessions. The cardio sessions can be customized to the individual's preferences, with options such as running, cycling, or high-intensity interval training.

The recovery sessions include stretching and foam rolling exercises to help reduce muscle soreness and improve flexibility.


The PWR program is a popular strength training workout plan designed for women of all fitness levels. With its focus on proper form and technique, and its adaptability to individual needs and preferences, the PWR program has helped countless women around the world build strength, confidence, and self-love.

Kelsey Wells' philosophy on fitness and body positivity has inspired women to embrace their unique bodies and celebrate their strength and capabilities. The PWR program is just one example of how she has empowered women to reach their fitness goals and transform their lives.